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meet my kitty.

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Meet Dave.

Dave is like a roommate more than a pet.  He’s a Hemingway cat, which means he has an extra digit on each of his front paws, resulting in these giant pimp hands.

I’m so happy to finally be bringing Dave to live in the new apartment.  While I was getting settled in and trying to save up for the pet deposit, he’s been living the high life with my mom and dad.

I’m all packed!

New roomie Reagan with her new roomie, Dave.

He pretty much spends his days sleeping, eating, sleeping, and being fat.  In that order.  He’s truly a cat after my own heart.

Good kitteh.

Dave makes a great pillow.

Do you have any pets?  Most of my friends have dogs, but I have a few fellow cat lovers.  My friend Craig told me once that he was afraid that I would one day turn into a crazy cat lady.  I tried to sic Dave on him, but he just rolled over sideways and requested a belly rub.  Sigh.

Roar…Davezilla will destroy your shopping mall…

I can has blogz?


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  1. I truly ❤ the kitty, 'specially 'Davezilla' and the kitty who is loving inanimate objects!

  2. ooops…I mean I ❤ your new "roomie," Dave. I wish that my 'roomie' wouldn't PRETEND to be allergic to a feline roomie…


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