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There are several blogs I read almost religiously.  One of them is Rachel Wilkerson.  She’s smart, funny, skilled with a camera, and loves a good double entendre.  She’s also a little dirty—in a good way.  Rachel gives great advice, too.  She’s kinda like a potty-mouthed Oprah.

Well, my girl Rachel has started a new movement that involves declaring your ownership.  (A Ownment?  Movemownt?)  I told her that sometimes I feel like I’m just renting it because I’m not exactly sure of myself in a lot of different situations.  I started thinking about the things that I “own.”  I came up with a few, but this one resonates with me the most.  I’ve been saying that I want to put up some more pages dedicated to my weight loss and how I started running, so this is just a little taste.

I started running about a year and a half ago.  I’ve always loathed running.  My heart would race, my chest would burn, my legs felt like they would give out under me…suffice to say, I’ve never really been an athlete.  For goodness sake, I tore my ACL while I was at a summer camp for HONORS students.  It takes a very special kind of nerd to do such a thing.

When I moved to Birmingham, I’d see all these people running.  Everywhere.  I hated them.  Mostly because I was secretly jealous.  I felt like they all had this club, this special private bond that I could never be a part of.  I publicly wanted to hit them with my car, but truthfully, I just wanted to be them.

The aforementioned knee injury also contributed to an inability to be able to really run.  But the desire was always tucked away in the back of my mind.  I’ve had cycles of gaining and losing weight, being active and lazy, over the course of my life.  In 2008, I hit the highest weight I’d ever been.  I knew I needed to change something.  I tried to change my eating habits, and I managed to lose a little bit.

2009 brought a New Year and new outlook for me.  I started walking at lunch with a co-worker.  I lost about ten pounds.  In June, I took the step I’d wanted to take for a long time:  I joined a gym and started the Couch 2 5k program.

It was tough.  I mean, really tough.  But I could feel myself getting stronger.  It took a long time.  Instead of the several weeks C25k outlined, it took me several months.  But I’d had my heart set on running the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure as my first race and it wasn’t till October.

3 miles! (plus point one!)

I ran it with walking breaks in 43 minutes.  And I couldn’t have been prouder.

My second 5k took about 40 minutes.  And I didn’t run the whole thing.  I’m sorry I’m not sorry. (There was also snow on the ground.)

In February, I ran my first 5k without stopping in 35:21.

For me, that was lightning fast.  (Snow on the ground for that one, too.)

In March, I ran my PR of 35:19.  But better than that, I encouraged my sister, my friend Jennifer and my BFF Reagan to all run their first 5k, too, and they rocked it!

I made those signs 🙂

To date, I have done six 5ks and two 10ks.  I hope to do a half marathon soon.  I’m a runner. I know I am.  I may not be fast, and I may not run the whole time, but I am a runner.  I own this.  I know this.  I don’t care how fast I am, I still work my ass off for every second, every mile, every step.  What’s that?  The race can’t shut down till I cross the finish line?  I’m sorry I’m not sorry.  Pardon me, you want to know if I’m a runner or a jogger?  Kindly step off; I’m not walking, am I?  You think chubby girls can’t run?  Don’t be ridiculous.

I’m slow.  I know.  Get over it.

I’m not going to lie.  I want to be faster.  I want to lose weight, to strengthen my heart and increase my lung capacity.  I enjoy running.  Sometimes I get caught in the comparison trap and get frustrated because running seems to come so easily to everyone else.

But I own my slowness.  Get on my level.


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  1. I love that you’re doing this, and I think your progress shows in every one of your photos! Who cares if you’re not fast; you’re fit and an awesome lady!

  2. Hey…that’s my name too…but that wasn’t me. lol.

    I’m slow too. I love being slow–I always say that it helps me to appreciate the scenery more than everyone else. =) I’ve done tons of slow races, including a marathon (which I had to walk a huge portion of). It doesn’t matter how fast you go, as long as you get to the finish line. =)

    I’m glad that you owned it.

    • That’s so awesome! I want to do a marathon one day…if I can just get there I’ve actually always liked your blog, so your comment means a lot 😉

      Slow runners unite!

  3. Own it!

    I’m a slow runner too. In fact, looking at your times, it seems you and I are at right about the same pace. I’ve only done two 5k’s but I definitely want to do at least one more before I move on to a 10k. Getting past those 3.1 miles is hard! One day… 🙂

    • A 10k is daunting, but it’s totally doable! The first time I ran 5 miles with a friend, we were all, “We got this.” And yeah, it was harder than I thought it was going to be. But once it was over, I couldn’t wait to do it again! Good luck!

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  5. I love reading this! I just ran my first 5k and it was slow. I am slow. I don’t really like to move that fast because quite frankly, at the end of the day, I hate to sweat.

  6. I LOVE this confession. I am helping a friend train for her first 10K and it was so awesome to see her complete 5 miles for the first time ever last night…and in the spirit of full disclosure, I hadn’t run that far in about 10 months so I was pretty pleased with my nearing 30 body.

    We ran with no focus on pace or breaking records and it felt so good!!

    And yes, it motivated me to sign up for my next 10K (haven’t ran one in over a year!)

    Also I love the Movemownt term!

  7. Great post girl! I’m a pretty slow runner myself but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to improve! I hope to do a 10k sometime soon!

  8. I got here from Rachel’s Meet the Owners roundup and have to say that I LOVED THIS. It all resonated with me on a deep level and I’m totally using “I’m slow. I know. Get over it!” as my motto HENCEFORTH.

    Keep on kicking ass!

  9. I’m here too via Rachel – and I’m another slow runner. John Bingham refers to himself, and other slow runners, as Penguins – and it’s from his site I got this “mantra” –

    “Dead Last Finish is greater than Did Not Finish, which trumps Did Not Start.”

    Wonderful list of accomplishments you have – much to be proud of 🙂

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