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Tuesday night social club: doing pot (roast)

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Without trying, my friends have started sort of a tradition.  For the past several weeks, we’ve gathered at Craig’s house for dinner on Tuesday.  No one really meant to pick that day; it just always fits in with everyone’s schedules.  We’ve had different delicious dinners these last few weeks:  veggie lasagna, ricotta, spinach, and mushroom pasta shells, stuffed burgers (I’ll get back to these—they were epic).

This past Tuesday,  Jonathan decided to take over cooking duty with a dish that everyone loves but never makes:  pot roast.  I lent him my trusty slow cooker (honestly, everyone needs one of these; I have two—one big and one small) and he put the meat on to cook Tuesday morning (or maybe it was the night before…not sure).

Joining the meat bath were redskin potatoes and baby carrots, along with whole onions (per my request).  We also had some canned, no-salt-added green beans.  (Hey, you can’t do it all at home.  I’m sorry I’m not sorry.)

I used the last of my buttermilk and almost all of my remaining cornmeal from my southern comfort dinner, along with some leftover corn, to make a skillet of cornbread to go along with the roast.

BFF Matthew (friends since…forever) made his first club appearance.  He called me to figure out what he needed to bring, and I suggested a beverage.  When he asked me what was on the menu, the next question was, “Well, what goes better with pot roast, wine or beer?!”  Seeing as this was foreign territory for me, we decided to go with red wine since it was, after all, basically a giant slow-cooked steak.

He brought these two fun bottles from the World Market to share:

oooh, polka dots!

I had a glass of the one on the left…I can’t remember what kind it was.  I found it to be very pleasant:  It was slightly sweet, but warm, without being too acidic tasting.

While waiting on the cornbread to do its thang, roomie Reagan, BFF Matthew and I retired to the back porch to catch up and dish on boys and life in general.

I told he looked lovely...doesn't he look lovely?

BFFs share a toast!

Soon after we made our way back inside, it was dinnertime!

This. Was. Awesome.  I felt like I was back at my parents’ house, sitting on overturned pot so I could reach the table (we didn’t have booster seats; don’t judge), happily eating my mom’s roast and vegetables.  Except this time instead of regular grape juice I had the fermented kind to sip on.

mmm, meat!

Do you have any weekly dinner traditions with your friends or family?


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