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After my run yesterday, I made a productive trip to the grocery store—in that I bought (almost) everything that my empty belly thought looked good. I put it to good use this AM.

strawberries (and blueberries)

Silk almond milk (and Kashi Go Lean!)

My breakfast consisted of Kashi Go Lean! Crunch cereal and almond milk (first time trying Silk’s brand), topped with the strawberries I bought last night and some leftover blueberries that were chillin’ in my fridge.

summer (the season, not me) in a bowl

This was so yummy! Cold breakfasts are great when it’s hot out, and I love being able to take things to work and eat at my desk. Speaking of my desk, it’s in disarray. If you can’t quite grasp the situation, check out these pictures:

Geeeeez. I know it’s bad. I spent the majority of last week and the beginning of this week working on a big project for work. Actually, two. We had to assemble some stuff to mail out as well as work on our new product launch. We got it down, but now that I’m back upstairs, I keep putting off straightening up. I’ve got all these papers that are just piling up! I’m making it my goal to tidy up today. Expect an update later 🙂

Is your desk a mess at work? Do you always keep it clean, or are you like me, waiting until it just becomes unbearable?

Edited to add my lunch!

I boiled some noodles and heated up some frozen veggies in the skillet, then tossed it with some of my peanut stir fry sauce. Oh, there’s also pineapple and sesame seeds in there, with a piece of toast on the side. I almost had minor freak-out when I burned some of the veggies. Oops!


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