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Happy birthday to this gorgeous lady!

Stephanie so kindly invited us to come out to dinner in order to celebrate the anniversary of her birth!  She’s pretty fabulous.

We all met up at Davenport’s Pizza in Mountain Brook Village.  J and I started the night off with a frosty mug ‘o Killian’s.  (The choice was super limited.)

After taking a look at the menu, we decided to forgo our usual (veggie with some sort of meat per Jonathan’s request) and go with the Rex Special, add mushrooms (we HAVE to be difficult everywhere we go, apparently).

While we were waiting on our food, we spent some time catching up and celebrating Stephanie.

Jamie and Christopher, exhibiting a sly look

R. Kelly and J. Dome!

Then came the pizza!

The pizza was…alright.  Not awful, just not the best I’ve ever had.  I really enjoyed the crispy crust, and I actually kinda liked that it was cut into a billion tiny squares.  I give it a 3 out of 5.

After the pizza, we were able to dig into some of Leah’s amazing cupcakes!

This little guy was adorable—and yummy–all dressed up like a little glass of lemonade.  There were even tiny ice crystals.  Well done, Leah!

I tried the straw...then I just swallowed it whole.

After the tables were cleared, we enjoyed some more friend time.  Before I knew it, the time was 9pm!  This old lady needed to get back to her abode.

Do you like cupcakes?  I think they’re perfect for times when you don’t want to mess with a cake, but they’re sort of a pain in the rear to frost.  (Or is it ice?)  What’s the most creative dessert you’ve made?


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  1. Your photo of Stephie is FANTASTIC!!!! Wish I could have been there. Looks like y’all had fun!

  2. LOL, I thought you meant you swallowed the STRAW whole! I was very confused for a second…

    Happy Birthday to your friend! I love her top!

  3. um, me too. is she available? 😛 Looks like you guys had fun!

  4. Yay! Thanks for helping me celebrate! Awesome post, now load these people pics on FB.
    @Katiedid and Sarah: Thanks!
    @Brian: Available, yes, but I am white-coat-and-padded-walls crazy.


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