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in my mouth: southern comfort (foods)

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It’s Monday, which means it’s time for What I Put In My Mouth This Weekend.  Sunday was definitely a day for good eats.  I went home on Saturday afternoon to attend my cousin’s wedding (congratulations, Russell!) and spend some time with my mom and dad.  But first, J and I visited some of his family.

His cousin Stephanie is getting married this fall (or rather having a ceremony; she’s officially married already), and she’s been living in Hawaii with her husband, who is in the military.  She came to visit this week, and everyone on that side of the family got together to see her while she was in town.  We were a little late (long story) and missed eating with everyone else, but J and I ate at the same Mexican restaurant after everyone else had already departed.

I had the vegetarian tacos, which were a delicious mix of peppers, onions, squash, tomatoes, mushrooms and broccoli.

I had one of the three mini flour tortillas and some of the cheese, along with some chips and salsa.  They were yummy!  A little on the oily side, but it was nice to have a variety of vegetables on my plate.  I’ve been to several places where “vegetarian” translates to “peppers and onions.”

The wedding was lovely, and afterward we headed back to my mom and dad’s to stay the evening.  The next day, my mom made one of my favorite Sunday lunches:  roast with carrots and potatoes, along with green beans and cream corn.  Holy yum, it was as good as I always remember it!  I tried my best not to overdo it (but did manage to snag some roast to take home for dinner).

Those blue-and-white dishes are classic.

My plate ❤

And while we’re on the topic of dinner, I had been building the evening’s meal in my head while thinking about all the things I had at home, along with some essentials I swiped from my mom’s.  A few weeks ago, my aunt gave me a bag of fresh veggies from her friend’s garden.  In my haul?  Green tomatoes.  I’ve never made my own but have always wanted to, especially since I saw Emily‘s healthier version on her blog.

Notice my bad-ass knife that I’ve managed to use to slice my finger open more than once.

Going with Emily‘s recipe, I used half a cup of whole wheat flour and half a cup cornmeal (thanks, ma!), along with a pinch each of sugar, salt and pepper.  I dipped each slice in light soy milk, then gave it a dip in the cornmeal mixture.  I placed each slice on a baking sheet sprayed with light olive oil from my Misto and then let them get all hot and toasty in the oven, at about 350.

My sneaky banana wanted in on the picture action.

The delicious, crusty brown after.  (Not usually a desirable characteristic, but here, it works!)

Before prepping my tomatoes, I lightly sprayed my cast iron skillet with some more oil and let heat in the oven as well.  I prepared my cornbread using one egg, some buttermilk (also from my mother), and cornmeal, following the recipe on the back of the bag.  (Note:  The cornbread needed to cook at 425, so after I removed the pan, that’s when I lowered the temp and slipped the tomatoes in.)

Doesn’t taste the same if you don’t have a (seasoned) cast-iron skillet.

On the side, Jonathan and enjoyed some black-eye peas and mixed greens (b0th canned for convenience and both lower-sodium out of respect for my cankles) and the roast my mother so generously donated to us.

Can you believe that was the ONLY can of beans—of ANY kind—on the shelf at the store we went to?  Apparently Sunday is BeanDay.

A frosty Yuengling Light completed the warm meal of comfort foods that we enjoyed while watching Mad Men on A&E.

What did you put in YOUR mouth this weekend?  (Um…foodwise.  We’ll save the other discussion for cocktail hour.)


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  1. oooooh southern comfort food, how i love thee! i definitely had my fair share of italian food…it’s just so good! polenta with gorgonzola cream…be still my heart!

  2. I have some green tomatoes I need to use but I’ve never done them up fried. I’ll have to try it!

  3. Did you save any of the roast for Roast Tacos?

  4. OMG I am so sure you started a weekly feature called “What I Put In My Mouth This Weekend.” ❤ ❤ ❤

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