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feels like the first thyme

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Oh, hey, basil, sage and thyme!

Meet the guys.

In a effort to remain productive after this past weekend’s brunch, I finally planted (ok, Jonathan did it) my herbs that I received from J’s mom several months ago.  Sad confession:  This is the second time she’s reached out to me in an effort to save me from my own black thumbs.  She knew that I wanted to get into growing my own herbs for use in the kitchen, and she gave me these awesome planters for my and Jonathan’s anniversary last year.  Sage, rosemary, mint, basil, oregano, parsley—there were so many!  Sadly, I managed to kill every one of them:  I didn’t realize it, but by leaving them on the front porch, I slowly burned them up as the heat from the concrete rose up through the planters.  They didn’t stand a chance.

After I (reluctantly) told her what I did, she gave me this little set with just three pots.  I think she put a lot of faith in my ability to not kill this second set.  The kit sat in my kitchen for a long time—I was nervous from the last unsuccessful herb mission.  I finally bit the bullet because I’d begun to grow anxious whenever around basil plants at the store.  I want to make my own fresh pasta dishes and pesto with fresh basil!

We potted these sweet little guys on Sunday, but already the thyme is started to sport little buds!  I’m hoping that it grows faster than all the others just so that I can say I’ve got a lot of thyme on my hands.

Thyme after thyme (bud)…just sprouting away!

Can’t wait to use this little guy in pastas and maybe even my own pesto!

I can’t believe how fast they’re growing!  Sadly, sage is being shy and has yet to poke through the soil.

Have you ever had a vegetable garden?  Have you had your own herb plants?  I’ve always wanted to, but I kill everything, apparently.   (Caitlin‘s success at reviving her limp basil plant after its untimely almost-death gives me hope.)  And I don’t have the space for a veg garden.  I’m limited to what will fit in my kitchen window.  Fingers crossed!


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