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I’ve had a blog before, with Blogger.  Some of my friends who read me there might be here because of it.  My blogging career started as many did:  on MySpace.  It started innocently, when I would post about random things that happened to me or thoughts that would cross my mind.  Then I moved on to Blogger.  I’ve been posting on and off for the past few years now, but recently, I started checking out more and more blogs online and have sufficiently filled my iGoogle with all sorts of favorites, and I check it faithfully every day.

As I read them, I would think, “I can do this.  I want to do this.”  So I decided to get serious and move to WordPress, which is supposed to be la crème de la blogging.  Then I started to think about what to write…and I drew a blank.  I suddenly felt extremely boring.  And blocked.

I’m still in the position where I’m wondering what my blog should be about.  I mean, it can be about whatever I choose, or nothing at all, but I want to have a direction.  I just recently took up running (last year), and I’ve also lost about 50 pounds by eating right and exercising.  I read enough healthy blogs to know that could be a start.  But then I worry that I’m not the exactly the healthiest person out there.  I make mistakes.  I go entire weeks (gulp) without working out.  Would I be able to write about that?

If you go through some of my past entries, a lot of my posts are just about some of the ridiculous things I have done.  And while that can be fun to read and write, I don’t want to run out of fodder for the blog when nothing exciting is going on!

I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you just happen upon my blog and feel a little confused, bear with me!  I’m still trying to figure out layout and such, along with what exactly should fill these electronic pages.  I’ll be religiously reading Rachel’s posts on how to start a blog while I try to get more direction…and I know I’m breaking her every rule by just putting it out there and not taking time to wait before I blog, but I’m just impatient.  And I want to say things.  (But to reiterate, I adore Rachel!)

As I said earlier, I have several blogs that I read every day and love, but I don’t always comment.  And if I do, I’m always hesitant to link my blog because I’m afraid it’s not ready yet.  Or that people will thing I’m all jumbled.  But I want people to click on my link.  And I want them to like me, and read me, and want to follow me.  And I know that can happen, because that’s how I found a lot of my favorites.

So this is me, taking a deep breath, and trying to figure out what exactly I have to say that’s worth reading.


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  1. Congrats on starting your blog!! Excited to read more! 🙂


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