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Last week, I arranged to have lunch with some girlfriends.  Jen suggested Urban Cookhouse in Homewood, which I’d never been to.  The restaurant is situated on 18th St S, across the street from the Trak Shak.  Their slogan is “Buy Local, Eat Urban,” and while in line, I noticed a chalkboard listing all their locally bought ingredients for the day (you can’t see said board in the picture below…it was just to the left).

There were several choices (as you can see on the web menu), including sandwiches, wraps, salads and “fork and knife” meals.  I went with the Pepper Patch Salad in a wrap, with fresh fruit.

I picked out a lot of the lettuce because I’m just getting used to eating the green stuff, but the wrap itself was delicious.  The wrap contained lime-marinated steak, corn, beans, jack cheese, peppers and the most delicious tomatoes I’ve ever tasted.  There was also a lot of red onion, which can be strong, but the flavors all balanced each other out.  One thing, though:  I noticed that one side of the wrap was slathered with what seemed to be cream cheese on the outer portion of the wrap (I didn’t notice it on the other half) that I could have done without.  In the end, I left some excess tortilla (wheat, BTW) on my plate so that I could eat the rest of the good stuff inside.

The fruit was nice mix of grapes, pineapples, melons, apples and some orange chunks.  It was a nice change from some places that just offer melon and grapes as a “fruit cup” option.

Some of the other options:

Jen got the Pepper Patch Salad, which comes with an orange roll on the side.

Steph chose the Chicken Salad and Fruit Plate, also served with an orange roll.

…aaaaand Katie chose the same wrap I did.  It appears she found it delicious as well.

Are there are restaurants in your area that cook with local ingredients?  Do you ever go to Farmer’s Markets?  What kind of produce do you buy?


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