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Not the game—a real Mario party!  My friend Craig and I share an affinity for video games—more specifically, Mario games.  Super Mario 3 is probably our favorite to play, and we’ve gotten into all-night Mario marathons before.  Since it’d been a while since we’ve played, we decided to have dinner together (along with our fellow Mario-lover, my roommate Reagan, and the boyfriend, J) and jam on some Mario (SMB3, of course).

For dinner, Craig made a classic favorite that we’ve eaten on many a video game night:  his grandmother’s recipe for strombolis.  It’s made up of pizza crust, (turkey) pepperoni, salami, ham, cheese and mushrooms, all rolled up.  They are, in a word, incredible.

(with pizza sauce to dip, of course 🙂

I also had one of these:

A tasty Ellie’s Brown Ale…first tried these when I was pouring them at this year’s BrewFest.

We each took turns weaving our way around the magical world of Mario, alternating turns:  the girls played Luigi, and the boys, Mario.  We get WAY into it—screaming, yelling, helping each other verbally, and jerking violently when your character gets hurt.  Craig has even been known to smack me on the arm a few times during a particularly heated session.

That’s a serious Mario face.

One thing about Jonathan:  He is SUPER competitive (even if he won’t admit it), and he can get really heated, really fast.  When he can’t get something, he gets upset.  This doesn’t pair well when the other three people in the room ALSO get upset when someone doesn’t play the game the way THEY think it should be played.  We’re a pretty cutthroat group.

Here you can see Craig attempting to snatch the Wiimote from Jonathan.

Jonathan eventually tired of our good-natured ribbing and retired to the couch.

I remember one particular night during which Craig and I stayed up until three in the morning, determined to beat SMB3.  It wasn’t that we’d never done it before…it was just that we could.  And that we apparently had time.  Luckily, this evening didn’t quite live up to those standards.

Mario is fun for all!

We successfully made it to the third level…and then we promptly got stuck.  So we called it quits and rejoiced in our victories.

Did you play video games as a child (or an adult)?  What was/is your favorite?


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  1. Um, as someone who also looooves Mario and would probably have an intimate bodily reaction to eating one of those strombolis…can I come next time??? FUN!!


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