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it’s gettin’ hot out here…

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Short side note:  I’m so sad that my camera is absent from my side…after going back with boyfriend to his fraternity’s alumni day at our alma mater and transporting myself back to a time when I was 21, I decided that this weekend it would be a good time to make rum my drink of choice.  I had a good time, but I sadly turned my back on my close companion, aka my point and shoot.  I may have left the fraternity house, but my camera did not.  After a few very emotional hours and tears shed over the missing camera (and many miles driven), it was discovered that a friend of a friend has the camera in his possession, so it will hopefully be back in my grateful hands very soon.

That said:  I’m sad that I can’t take any pictures of what I’ve been doing lately!  Then again…I’ve not been doing a very good job of posting things as they happen (I’m a busy girl for someone who sometimes feel like she doesn’t have a life), so I’m going to try and take some time to post what I’ve been neglecting.

For now, I thought I might write about something that needs few pictures.

I live in Alabama.  And it’s frackin hot.  It’s just a given.  But this week we’ve been having record-matching (yes, that’s right—we may not break the record, but we’re certainly not the underachievers that all the other states think that we are) temperatures, with days in the upper 90s and heat indexes well above 100 (yesterday it was supposed to feel about 112).  Everyone keeps talking about the hottest summer they’ve experienced.  I remember mine.

It was the summer of 2007, right when I moved to Birmingham for the internship I’d always wanted.  I chose to move on one of the hottest days of the summer (at the time; it got much worse later on).  The heat would continue to rise.  My poor friend Andy moved to Alabama from Ohio for an internship right around the time we were having about a week straight of 100 degree plus temps.

I went online today to check the heat wave history of Birmingham and the hottest days on record.  I found the information I needed on the ABC 33/40 Weather Blog.  (I know this sounds boring, but bear with me.  Also, I just love James Spann.)

The worst heat wave in Alabama took place in 1925, and in September, temperatures were climbing dangerously high.  When all was said and done, there were 15 days of 100+ temps that year, the most on record for Bham.  Close behind that were 1980 (14 days of hell) and 2007—the summer of  myblossoming into a professional adult (maybe the heat was to help me mature?)—with 10 days of unbearable heat.  However, I don’t know if we’ll ever come close to seeing the record highest temp ever in Alabama again—Centreville, AL hit a sweltering 112 degrees in September of 1925, a time when, as James Spann reminds us, there was no air conditioning.

I’ve spent one of the hottest summers driving around in a car with dark leather interior and little ability to cool off.  I’d better leave this summer at least a few pounds lighter with all the sweating I’m doing.

I actually went outside and ran on Monday night—four miles at 7pm, when the sun was going down.  But it was still blazing.  The lack of sunlight made it a little more bearable.  Craig is always telling me I need to acclimate to the hot weather…I say no sir.  Tonight I headed to the gym for about three miles on the dreadmill.  My next race I have planned is in September, benefiting ovarian cancer research.  The race is being held in honor of Laura Crandall Brown whose life was cut tragically short by a cancerous tumor on her ovary.  You can find more about the Head Over Teal 5k here.

I’m planning to write more about my running in another post later on.  I’ve got some big plans for the rest of the year…fingers crossed that it all works out.

Is it hot where you are?  How do you handle the heat?  Do you exercise outside when temps are unbearable?


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  1. This summer has been pretty decent. Highs are usually in the 80’s-90’s. We did have a couple days of 100.

    I did run one night when it was 90+ degrees, sooo humid and on the verge of a storm. It DRAINED me.

    On hot, hot days, I try to run around 8:30-9:00 and it’s usually a little more bearable.

  2. blech, summer heat is killer! i remember in dallas it would be over 100 and then “cool down” to 90 at night. yes, you read that correctly! i’m thankful for the dry heat and dry cool nights here in colorado now!


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