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mad for mad men…and pizza.

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Phew! What a full weekend. Friday night, Jonathan and I decided to spend the evening hanging out and making epic pizza epicness. Last week at Sam’s I bought a 50 pound jar of artichoke hearts and had been trying to think of different ways to use them, and Friday night I kept envisioning a delicious pizza with those, some feta, olive oil, garlic, tomatoes…pretty much everything amazing. Here’s a peek at the process:

with cheese!

Aaaand the finished delicious after!

Jonathan has to have meat on his pizza (if we order a mega veggie at Mellow Mushroom, he always wants to add chicken or pepperoni), and I didn’t want to force him into vegetarian pizza night. So we made another whole wheat thin crust pizza with red sauce, sweet turkey sausage, peppers, onions and roasted red peppers (thanks, Emily!) that was pretty freakin’ sweet, too.

That’s the sausage pizza in the back…we got a little hungry and devoured most of it before I could get a good picture 🙂

You can see below that Jonathan still enjoyed the veggie pizza, too.

We spent a relaxing evening watching the X-Files movie (the first one, trust me, the second one sucked) and just being couch bums. After we sufficiently filled our bellies with all we could stand, we headed over to Jason and Nadria‘s condo to celebrate Nadria‘s second year of being 29 🙂 Happy birthday, girl!

We had to skedaddle early, though, because my car was running dangerously low on oil. My dad always stays on me to check the oil, add when its needed, check my gauges, etc. Well, apparently it’d been so long since I’d checked the oil on my newish-to-me car that I couldn’t remember where the dipstick was! (That’s what she said…did I ever tell you about the time my friend had to explain TWSS to one of our more naive buddies? Twas a confusing conversation.) Boyfriend to the rescue! We managed to make it to the AutoZone just in time, and MAY have stopped by the Sonic for an Oceanwater to share. It might have been delicious and refreshing all at once.

I was able to cap the night by talking my friend Andy–he just proposed to his girlfriend! Congratulations Andy and Sarah Louise! I’ve known since Thursday, and I could barely hold the secret in. I was so excited! I actually introduced them to one another, and they’re just so sweet together. I’ll raise a glass to you both!

Right now I’m raising a glass to the season premiere of Mad Men. Oh, holy crap, do I love Joan Holloway, aka Christina Hendricks.

This past Halloween, I celebrated Hollo-ween and paid tribute to my favorite sassy secretary. See if you can guess who Jonathan was:

My mom totally rocked out making that dress. I even made a knock-off of her gold pen necklace! It was really a cheap chain from the Body Shop with a gold gel pen attached. I can’t wait to see what happens with season 4. I’m sure nothing can top Guy Walks Into an Advertising Agency…(warning, this links to AMC and a recap of episode 6, season 4)

Have a good night, all! I’ll have a small recap of the rest of my weekend tomorrow. Still getting used to blogging more and hoping to have more in a timely fashion!


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