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cat in the hat…and in the closet, in the cabinet, under the bed…

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Morning all!  If you don’t know me, you have noticed from previous posts that I have a cat.  His name is Dave, and he is my heart.  He’s not living with me right now due to the pricey pet deposit at my new digs, but he is resting comfortably with his grandparents, AKA my mom and dad.

I got Dave about four years ago, while I was living in Jacksonville and going to school.  My love for cats is nothing new, though:  I’ve owned several, and two of my cats, Shenzi and Mollie—not names of my own choosing—I had for over ten years.  (Sadly, they’ve disappeared recently…off to find that farm I’ve heard so much about, I suppose.)

While Dave is a pretty laid back cat, he can be quite a handful sometimes.  He had a brother, Tim, but I couldn’t take care of two kittens and gave one away.  There have been several moments, however, that I’ve thought, “Hey!  I should get another cat!  How fun!”  Sometimes I see strays and I think, “Oh, I should take that cat home and love on it!”  Upon hearing me says this probably more than a few times, my friend Craig told me that he was afraid that I was just steps away from being a crazy cat lady.

Enter the real crazy cat lady:  I saw this story yesterday morning on the Today show, referring to “cat hoarding.”  (Fun mental images were had before watching the actual story.)  It made my heart hurt.  What’s even scarier than my heart going out to the poor woman who thought she was doing a good thing were my thoughts about how I wanted to get another cat even more now that I’d see all these cuties in one place.  Had it been a local story, my hand might have already been on the phone.

(Still learning how to embed video…here’s the link:

What about you?  Have you ever had a pet?  Have you ever had more than one and felt overwhelmed?  When I was a kid, we had three cats, and they all had kittens at the same time.  There were 13 of the little fuzzballs!  My parents were never so grateful for Vacation Bible School, a place where we could load all the kittens up in cardboard boxes and find loving homes for them.  (And, yes, we spay and neuter all our pets now.)


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