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I moved this weekend. ALL weekend. It took for-freakin-ever. My muscles feel as if they’ve been twisted and rung out like wet washcloths. Muscles I didn’t even know I had are crying out with each step I take. I haven’t had hardly any sleep…but more on the move later.

My point is, I’m tired. This morning I got up knowing full well I was going to be later for work. I contacted my boss, hit the snooze, and got a little more sleep. When I did finally get up to get ready, I dashed out the door without any makeup on. Before I went in, I put on a few quick swipes of mascara, slicked on some tinted lip gloss, and puffed on some pressed powder. I checked my reflection and felt okay with the way I looked. “I’ll just put on some foundation later,” I thought.

When I got to my desk, I pulled out my compact. I didn’t think I looked too bad for someone with no makeup (really) on. Little did I know.

I went to someone’s office to chat for a sec, and she took one look at me and said, “Whoa, you got some sun! Goodness, your face is so red!”

“Um, yeah…that’s it,” I responded.

I went to the kitchen to snag a cup of coffee. A co-worker doing the same took one look at me and said, “Ooh, long weekend? You look really tired.”

A bit perturbed, I said, “Yeah, moving weekend…busy time.”

Walking up the stairs, I was met by yet another co-worker, who stopped me by the arm. “Hey! …oh, you don’t feel too good either? Everyone’s been sick…you look like you don’t feel too well.”

Good gravy! I just ignored this last person and dismissed them with a shoulder shrugged as I trudged up the stairs to my office.

I’m looking for my makeup sponge as we speak…
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  1. Of course you don’t look bad. Good grief!!Now on to the fun stuff. . . unpacking!!


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