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pack it up, pack it in, let me begin…

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…actually, it’s pretty much the opposite of that right now: I have a massive amount of unpacking to do right now. And as much as it sucks to have an apartment full of boxes, it’s also kind of fun. I like being able to go through every single thing I own…I find lost items (the top to my grandmother’s tea kettle!), throw things away (stacks of old magazines), and basically just take inventory of all the crap I consider to be so important that I’ve brought over to my new place. I’m trying at the moment to go from room to room, unpacking boxes and decided what goes where. I’m just ready to make it a home, like put stuff on the walls and make it feel like it’s mine. The last place I was in, I hardly did that at all, and I never quite felt comfortable there. This place just feels more inviting.

But it’s been a tough weekend. Let me just recap a little…

My dad took a half-day from work on Friday to drive up and help me with a few things. He was going to take my washer and dryer back home that evening (I have no hook-ups in the new place) so we wouldn’t have to worry about it on Saturday. It just so happens that we practically had a monsoon. My dad called me the night before to tell me there was a 100% chance of rain. Excellent. At least we were prepared. He came up anyway, and we went to lunch and to sign my lease.

As I said, it rained and poured. But after about 45 minutes of signing and reading and listening, the ink was dry on my new lease, and the keys to my new apartment were in my hand. My father and I braved the rain to go check it out. He’d been pretty skeptical, but when he saw it, his face said it all: He loved it. Feeling a bit of relief, we trudged back out to the car to head back to my old place. We decided in the end it would just be best to get the washer and dryer the next afternoon, when he and my sister would be heading up to help me out.

He dropped me off, and I began the laborious task of finishing my packing. It was fortunate that I’d started early, but it seems you never start early enough. J came over, and we continued to box things up, emptying drawers and gingerly wrapping up knickknacks. Sometime after nine, we began loading boxes into the car, hoping to do a little preemptive moving. Trying to be respectful of my neighbors, we stepped lightly and began working in a sort of assembly line manner. I soon realized how incredibly out of shape I am. Huffing and puffing, I carried box after box down the stairs to the front door, where J was traversing back and forth from the car to the apartment. When we could hold no more, we headed over, stopping at the Waffle House for some dinner.

Of course, it started pouring pretty much right after we put the last box in the car. Smiling at my good luck, I put the key in the ignition and prepared to leave. Then I remembered—the new apartment keys were still inside. Cursing myself and my slippery mind, I put my hood up on my jacket and sprinted back up the stairs (three small flights) to get the forgotten keys.

After dinner, we unloaded the cars in the new apartment and headed back for more. We made two trips and decided to call it a night. It was almost 3am.

My dad and sister arrived sometime around 10am the next day. We had some light, drizzly rain and a chilly wind, but it wasn’t so bad. We broke for lunch and pressed onward as the rain grew heavier. When my family left, it was freezing outside, and there was still much to do inside. I was determined, though, to leave that place for good and not have to come back at all. It was almost 4am when we got back to my new apartment…and I still had to return to the old one for my vacuum and a bag of clothes that needed to go to the Goodwill.

As if the weather hadn’t spit in my eye already, Mother Nature decided to deliver a curve ball that seldom occurs down south, here in Alabama—snow. Yes, it frickin snowed the first night I was in my apartment, while there still boxes of my stuff that needed to come up. It was everywhere. And while we Southerners are usually in a bit of awe at the sight of a winter-white wonderland, I was just pissed. Not to mention, every single muscle in my body like it had been tied in a knot, and my head was pounding. Muscles I didn’t even know I had screamed at every step, threatening to take me down if I refusing to give them rest.

A view of snowy Birmingham from my balcony.

I didn’t even get out of bed until about 2pm, and by the afternoon, most of the snow had turned to slush. J and I bundled up to go grab some dinner and run some errands, including rescuing my beloved vacuum from the old apartment. We returned home, still exhausted and sore, and began trying to make some sense of the mess. I finally fell into bed around 1am.

While this weekend presented me with many problems, several out of my control, I still feel the same way—I’d do it again in a heartbeat, even in worse conditions. I love my new place! It’s so much better than my old apartment. I don’t quite feel like it’s mine yet. I told J that I feel like I’m in a hotel or something. I took some pictures, but please don’t judge the fact that it’s teeming with clutter or that my stuff is strewn about the rooms.

This is the kitchen. It’s kind of small, but there are a million cabinets with tons of storage, and the counter space is incredible. I love it. It looks better than this now; I’ve put away most of those things that are on the counter now.

Here’s the bathroom. The sink and mirror are separated from the shower and toilet, which is nice. The lighting is really cool (embedded in the ceiling), and if you look in the mirror, you can see the best part: There’s a little counter on top of some cabinets, with two more cabinets above! The shower part of the bathroom has lots of cabinet space, too.

Of course, this is the shower. It’s a pretty big tub (bigger than my last one, by far), and I love the stone-like tile on the walls.

Here’s the bedroom. It looks so sad right now! There’s one big window, which I plan on hanging my sheers over very soon, and there are two closets off to the left (that you can’t see). I plan on moving my TV and dresser in front of the bed. Off to the right, there bookshelves made into the wall. It’s about the same size as my old room.

This is the view from the hallway leading into the den. Again, it’s so super messy.

Here’s the den, overcrowded with my shit. You can see the vertical blinds that cover up the sliding glass door that leads to…the balcony! (I love sitting outdoors.)

And this is the gorgeous view of the city from my apartment. It’s so nice right at sunset…sigh. I can’t wait for warm weather.

I love the bar pass through window in the kitchen. Now I won’t feel so closed off from anyone sitting in the den while I’m working in the kitchen. Not to mention I can watch TV while I cook!

The view from the walkway outside my front door.


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  1. I can’t wait to sit on your balcony in the summertime! & yes I just invited myself over to do that.

  2. You are most definitely invited to do so! Also, while driving around in my area and looking at my map on my phone…I don’t think I live too far from you.


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