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thanks a lot, jerk.

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So, here’s the sitch. I go home every day for lunch. I don’t have the money to go out to eat all the time, and I am too lazy to just pack a lunch. Yesterday, I do like I always do and head to the apartment. As I’m getting in my car to go, I notice the backseat is looking bright. I turned my head and see that the back passenger side window is busted.

WTF. Seriously.

The glass was still intact, but it was completely spiderwebbed. I saw a man weedeating when I first arrived, but I just don’t believe a rock would do this kind of damage. At least, not one that a weedeater would pick up.

Then I saw something else that made me a tad suspicious: a croquet mallet not but a few feet from my car.

What the hell?!? I don’t live in the ghetto! I have never had this happen to me! Gah!

This is the damage. The hole wasn’t there originally, but as I drove down the bumpy streets of Birmingham, chunks of it began to fall.

And this is the reason I suspect foul play. I took the weapon in question and placed it in my car. Somebody’s next game of croquet is going to be very difficult. Take that, vandal.


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  1. People suck. I’m sorry. 😦

    On a positive note, I get to see you tonight! Yay!!


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