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This weekend I went to see Eliot Morris with a few of my friends (including The Conservative) at the Workplay theatre. The show ended up consisting of Eliot plus three other guys, and the show was aptly named “Guys With Guitars.” I was really impressed with everyone, and it was a great show.

But that is not the reason for this blog.

Before we headed to Workplay, we decided to get some dinner at the local Italian eatery. My friend Craig and I ordered and then headed out to the patio to find a seat. We were just talking, and I heard some at the table closest to us say something about “the girl with the camera.” Well, I had just taken a picture of Craig and me, so naturally I assumed they were talking about me. This bothered me a bit, but I brushed it off.

Soon after, our other two friends (one of which was The Conservative) arrived at the table. While waiting for our food, one of the guys at aforementioned table approached us, asking to borrow our Parmesan cheese, of which we had none. He returned to his seat. Not but a few minutes later, he came back, and this time he sat down.

“Here’s the deal,” he said, looking directly at me. “My girlfriend, the one over there in the pink shirt (she had gone inside for the moment)? She thinks you are absolutely gorgeous.”

I paused, look around. “Me?” I asked, incredulously.

“Yeah,” he said. “And it would really just mean a lot if you would go over there and introduce yourself to her.”


This is the strangest thing that has ever happened to me. “How do I know you’re not setting me up?” I asked. “How do I know I’m not going to go over there, introduce myself, and everyone be all ‘who the hell are you?’”

He persisted saying he wasn’t trying to set me up, and then my friend Jenny asked him why he wanted me to do it. He said that his other friends didn’t think he would go over there and ask me, so I guess they just dared him to.

Then he looked at Craig and said, “Now, I know you’re with this guy here, I mean you’re obviously together.” Craig and I looked at each other and I quickly explained that no, we were not “together.”

At this point, said girlfriend had made her way to the patio and came over to our table. “Hello,” I said.

Slightly if not very intoxicated, she said “Heeyyyyyy!!!!! I thinkyour’rereallypretty (those words were a little slurred)…can I have a hug?”

A hug?

“Um, sure,” I stammered, still taken a bit aback by the whole situation. “What’s your name?” I asked.

“Alex,” she breathed.

“Oh, is that short for anything?”

“Alexis…what’s your name?”


“Oh…is that short for anything?”

I just looked at her. “Summer….Hunt?”

This exchange went on for a bit, and it concluded with them asking where we were going that night. We told them, and when we left they waved their goodbyes, saying maybe they would see us there.

We did not see them.

Also…my friend that went with us told me that The Conservative said that we are dating.

I feel better.


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  1. apparently so. to drunk people.

  2. No. NO. NOOOOOOOO. ha ha. This is THE BEST FRICKIN STORY ever. EVAH. Omg, I can so picture you during this exchange!

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