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So as some or most of you may know, I’ve recently moved from my home at Mountain Woods (Hoods) apartments to another apartment closer to the downtown area. Though I love where the place is at, and there are many pluses that won me over in the end, it has been no easy feat.
We started packing up and moving my stuff last Saturday at about 7 in the morning. We didn’t finish until 7 at night. I’m serious. It was ridiculous. I don’t know how in the world I managed to accumulate so much crap! There were boxes upon boxes of things. And then there was the furniture. I have to give it to my dad, though. He kept his cool the whole day. I think it also helped that my bro-in-law and Craig came to help. He wouldn’t dare show out in front of them.

Unfortunately, I had no utilities until Monday, and I was forced to drive home to Gadsden Saturday night. I soon realized that in our haste to pack everything, important stuff was stowed away. My shoes being one thing. Mother and I had one pair between us, and I ended up winning the right to wear them. My purse was also gone, along with my debit card and license. And sadly, I packed up all my clothes leaving me nothing to wear to work on Monday. I was forced to go buy a new pair of pants (it was torture) and search for things in my car (I found a sweater).
On Monday, I was called by the water people so that I could meet them out there to turn on the water. I waited around for an hour to no avail. When I finally called, asking where this waterman was, they told me that it was simply a courtesy call and I would have to turn my water on myself. Myself! I arrived home in a huff, determined to have water.

I took the wrench my father lent me down to the meter and ran across a streak of good luck. My neighbor (Paul of A7, as I have come to know him now) was outside, and he was so kind to turn my water on for me. However, I still had no heat.

Tuesday, the kind man from Alagasco came for to turn on my gas. We managed to get me hot water and a gas stove. When he went outside to light the pilot light, though, he was startled to discover that my furnace was rather old. He told he probably light it, but he really wanted me to have heat. He lit it, and when he turned on the heat, it made a really loud noise. He stepped out on the back porch area to take a look, and right at that moment, a giant fireball escaped out the back and blew the chamber door off (not that I really know what that means). He freaked out and told me that he had to tag it; it had to go. I called my landlord, and she was all, “we’ll send someone to have a look.” Gas man got on the phone and was all, “Nuh-uh, it’s gotta go now.”

That night, a kind old Hispanic gentleman brought me a space heater, “por la noche,” which I gratefully accepted. Wednesday they repaired the damage, but I still feel as if I could be in some sort of danger.

Aside from all this, there are so many things to be done. I have seven different windows that need blinds and a window in the shower of my bathroom. There’s paint over everything. On the floors, on the plug outlets, on the doors…and there are very few electrical outlets as it is. I’m missing light fixtures. My fridge is a little off-kilter in that it rocks back and forth. I haven’t unpacked everything. I need rugs. Sigh. It’s exciting, because it’s my first place of my own that I’ve not shared with a roommate, but it’s overwhelming.

On the bright side, I really like my job. I miss SL, but I know that I wouldn’t have been able to find a job there. Here I’m getting to try a lot of different things, and I’ve got the ever-elusive insurance. Wonderful.


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  1. And I assume you’ve taken to drinking to numb the pain of this ordeal. Sheesh.

  2. Summer, I’m afraid you’ll have to come back to SL. I just noticed that you forgot to color in the “y” on the word “Hey” on the card that you gave me. It just won’t do–it’s incomplete!

    Really, I’m glad that you’re loving your new job, and I hope the new apartment gets better. If not, my house is on the market…

  3. Em! I can’t believe I could’ve made such a careless mistake! What was I thinking?

    The new apartment is slowly coming along. I’m sure your house is i my price range 😉


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