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not-so-cordial cherry

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I’ve written a blog before about the many disgusting flavors of soda there are out there. Pepsi and Coke have each had their own foray into flavored fizzies, but when it all comes down, Dr. Pepper has really taken it to the next level. A level that I, and perhaps some others, was not quite prepared for.

Kaitie and I were in the sketchy Wal-Mart (the one out on Lakeshore – Stephanie, you know what I mean) purchasing some necessary items. We’d been discussing purchasing a soda inside, and soon after we walked in, Kaitie announced that she was really in the mood for Cherry Vanilla Diet Dr. Pepper, but hadn’t seen one in a while.

As we walked over the cooler near the front of the store, I gave out a cry – I thought I had actually found a CVDDP.

Alas, I was mistaken. Upon closer scrutiny, I realized that this was not a CVDDP, nor was it Berries ‘N Cream, or any of the others. No, no. It was worse.

Yes, folks, it was Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr. Pepper.

On a whim (actually, we debated about whether or not to drink it for a few minutes), we decided to check it out. I took the first swig. When it first hit my tongue, I was thinking, “Okay, not so bad.”

Then came the after taste.

It was so nasty. It was just….ugh. I don’t even know how to describe it. Weirdly enough, it did taste like chocolate and cherries.

And crap. Don’t let those cute little cherries dripping with chocolate fool you. Aesthetics are only half the battle (or the bottle, rather), my friend.

Here is the description you can find on the Dr. Pepper Web site:

I have to say, I wasn’t quite 100% satisfied. I wasn’t even 50%. I was almost willing to trade in some extra calories for some flavor. Thank GOD it’s only for a limited time. I can’t imagine many tears will be shed when they take this little jewel off the shelves.

Bottom line: No soda should ever incorporate the flavor of chocolate. Never.


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  1. While rereading this post, it seems to me that my abbreviation of CCVDP looks like it should be some sort of venereal disease.

  2. Indeed it does. A very, very bad disease.

    Anywho, thanks for the shout-out! I totally know what you mean. I’ve escaped bodily harm and God knows what else more than once at that sketchified Wal-marts.


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