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singing in ex-salt-tation

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(I transported this in from facebook, so if you read it twice, I’m sorry…then again, you didn’t have to read it all.)

I’m sitting here, preparing to eat my less-than-stellar meal de Cafe Waterfall, when I stumble upon something.

I usually have to flavor my food items with some sort of seasoning, such as salt or pepper, as they are typically bland and need some umph.

Whenever I leave the Waterfall Cafe, I usually feel the need to grab a handful of prepackaged salts and peppers. I typically take the leftovers and place them in a Ziploc in my filing cabinet, waiting patiently to be used at a moment’s notice.

Today was no different.

However, as I began to season my foods, I was startled as I opened up the pepper packet. There seemed to be literally three flecks in that thing. The salt packet, though, was teeming with little granules, just itching to get out. It went everywhere.

This brings me to my question. Why? Why aren’t there equal amounts of each?

I also think of typical salt and pepper shakers: There are three holes for salt, two for pepper. Who decides that?

Being a recent pepper convert, in years past I might’ve sided with salt supporters. But in my experience, I know more people who appreciate pepper than celebrate salt. Salt is technically worse for you than pepper.

I guess I will just have to continue using 2 parts pepper, one half parts salt.


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