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love and hate

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Oh, I love Birmingham.

But sometimes…not so much. It’s like a classic love/hate relationship.

I go, and I put all my faith in Birmingham, sing her praises, and then she turns around and makes me wish I’d never laid eyes on her.

This weekend, I had a fabulous dinner with some new friends I’ve met in the city. All was well. I met a street urchin named Theotis outside said friend’s living space, and also a truck driver who sang for our dollars. It was city living at its very finest.

Then I got beaned in the head with a Checkers cup.

In case you were wondering, it was full of ice.

I don’t think this little ice rocket was meant for me specifically, just some douchebag who thought he would throw it out his window as he passed all these cool people on the sidewalk. (It made me feel a little like I was on the Real World.)

One nice thing was that this kind man, Theotis, offered to run down the street and beat the shit out of this guy. I politely declined, and told him, no, that’s not necessary.

Oh, Birmingham. Sometimes you are good to me, and others…you are a nasty little bitch.

I’ve been meaning to post a blog that is actually an update for those of you who might have been wondering. All is going well; I really like what I’m doing. I’ve learned a lot. As I said, for the most part, I really do enjoy living here. Every day is a new adventure. The interstate is now my friend.

And I have met some awesome amazing friends. Working at the magazine, I was afraid I’d been working with a bunch of stuck-up interns who think they’re better than me.

Some of them are.

But I quickly weeded out the people I wanted to get to know, and they’ve proven to all be so, so much fun.

Now the only thing I’m worried about is this:

Where do I go from here?

I’m officially going to graduate in December. All I have to do is finish my internship, take the CBASE and the exit exam, and then walk. It’s so exciting, and I’ve been waiting for this for the past four and a half years. I can’t believe it’s really almost over. Talk about meeting some amazing people – my JSU memories will forever be the best ones.

But when it is all over, I’m going to have to decide where I want to go and what I want to do. And who will actually have me.

And right now, I think I may want a serious, long-term relationship with my lady, Birmingham.

We will see.


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