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oh, snap – this just got real!

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So…I love “The Real World.”

And before you rush to judge me, hear me out.

Those of you that know me, know that I am (or claim to be) a pop culture junkie. I enjoy reality TV (but even I have limits – I won’t hesitate to channel flip as soon as “Hogan Knows Best” comes on the VH1), and I indulge in some of my favorite supermarket tabloids.

I enjoy some other shows, some “quality” shows as well. And I read. Literature.

But heaven help me, I love “The Hills” (if you ask me, Audrina is only setting herself up for heartbreak, and Heidi knows that she is a backstabbing bitch), and I don’t exactly avert my eyes when I hear Hilary Duff crooning, “cause perfect, doesn’t seem so perfect…” telling me that “Newport Beach” is on the telly.

However, I digress.

I love “The Real World.”

I used to be a loyal fan for several seasons. Hawaii hooked me, I was nuts for New Orleans, and I was mesmerized by Miami. I’ve found some of the most recent “Real Worlds” to be a little lackluster. Albeit Brooke was pretty entertaining last season, I just wasn’t captivated.

And while there isn’t one character (that’s right, these perpetuated stereotypes on the show are merely characters to me) that I just love, LOVE, there are several that I enjoy watching. There’s Shauvon, the blonde journalist (who can’t spell, as Kaitie pointed out in one of her columns they showed on TV she interchanged “your” for “you’re” – and unforgivable sin in my book) with magnificent breasts of circus-like proportions; Isaac, the rough-around-the-edges, bad boy turned good guy, skin-head K-Fed lookalike (who is actually really really funny); and my personal fave, Parisa, the gorgeous, smart Persian Muslim who is a little bit curvier than the other girls and hands out her opinions much like the door greeter gives out smiley stickers at walmart (“here you go, here’s one for you…”).

All that being said, I have found one of the roommates to be an absolute train wreck 20-year-old Texan party girl KellyAnne is so fucking annoying, yet I love to hear the shit that spews from her mouth. She’s an idiot, and I can’t help but be reminded of a lot of girls I know when I hear her talk. She always supplies the most interesting remarks in every show. My personal favorite from tonight was, “He doesn’t know that in high school, my nickname was ‘Cock Tease.’ More importantly, he doesn’t know the real truth – that I am one.” She says it with such conviction and sincerity that I simply must believe her.

This is MTV’s mini-bio on her:
Twenty-year-old Texan KellyAnne doesn’t just show up to the party; she loves to be the center of it, too. She’s a self-described tease who craves the attention of men. She’s hot and she knows it, which she uses to her advantage. KellyAnne’s parents divorced as soon as she graduated high school, and their difficult spilt led to her trouble trusting men. Despite all of the drama that might have come her way, KellyAnne just wants to have fun.

Don’t we all, KellyAnne. Don’t we all.

KellyAnne’s partner in crime is Trisha, a loudmouthed twit from Fresno, California. The two girls decided to room together after first meeting each other and deeming one another “Omigod! Totally cool!” Trisha, along with KellyAnne, has been put in her place by Parisa at least once this season. She once made this intelligent argument: “That’s fine, whatever. You want to be a child, and act like you’re two, I’ll act like I’m one! You need to like, hold on to your friends because you have like, what? Five?” This last statement cause KellyAnne to be truly speechless as she watched the spat like a tennis match.

Another one of my favorite Trisha moments had to be when fuming over Parisa’s audacity to challenge her, she asked Isaac, “Do you absolutely hate me? Do you like me?”, to which he responded, “I really don’t know yet.”

Here’s what had to say about the fun-loving party gal:
Trisha is a sharp-tongued party girl from California who enjoys drinking, flirting, and flaunting herself with the popular crowd. Raised as a devout Christian by her adoptive parents, 19 year-old Trisha greatly values her faith. She recently committed to a serious relationship with her boyfriend, shedding her self-proclaimed “virgin party girl” image. Trisha is talkative and opinionated and will do whatever it takes to make her voice heard.

I’m just wondering…she shed her “virgin party girl image”? Which part did she shed, the partying or the virgin…ing? Is she a whore that loves to stay home and bake cookies and knit sweaters?

There are so many more moments that stand out in my mind, and I know that there is so much left to come, as this Real World is still very young, with a mere four episodes under its belt. But I do know one thing.

I’ll be right here on my futon, waiting.


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