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I knew that might get some of your attention…

Okay, so. A new blog is currently in the works. My internship has kept me busy, but I do have an update that is well overdue. Right now, however, I give you with this.

I’m not sure if any of you are familiar with the drug Mirapex. It’s used to treat “restless leg syndrome” or “RLS.” I remember hearing about RLS in my psychology 101 class, and I’m sure it is a very real thing.

However, when one decides to medicate for something such as this, you have to be wary of many things.

Among those are the side effects a drug may have on a person. And there are no more interesting side effects than those for the drug Mirapex. I recently saw an ad on TV for Mirapex, and I had to take a minute out of my day to sit down and ask myself, “which is worse?”

(The following is taken directly from the website,

Interesting fact about Mirapex 1:

“Before you take MIRAPEX, be sure to tell your doctor if you have any problems with low blood pressure, dizziness, or becoming light-headed.”

Um, yes, I happen to have a problem with becoming light-headed and dizzy. I happen to not like that a lot, unless it is intentionally self-induced. Then again, it does go on to say that you should also tell your doctor if you use alcohol or cigarettes. That’s a pretty big portion of the population. However, any time I have used either of the two, light-headedness and dizziness was a desired effect. Taking Mirapex would problem eliminate my need for alcohol or cigarettes, along with getting rid of my RLS. Kill two proverbial birds with one stone, if you will.

Interesting fact about Mirapex 2:

“MIRAPEX may cause you to fall asleep without any warning, even while doing normal daily activities such as driving.”

Wait a minute…what? That doesn’t seem like side effect to me, it seems like a freakin safety hazard. I imagine that would probably have a severe effect on my daily life, the whole “falling-asleep-while-driving” thing. I just really feel like that would be a deal-breaker for me. I find driving while I’m asleep to be just a tad difficult.

Interesting fact about Mirapex 3:

“There are reports of some people having hallucinations (seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, or tasting something that does not actually exist) while taking MIRAPEX.”

Tingling sensation in the legs, hallucinations…tingling sensation in the legs, tasting things that aren’t really there…wow, that’s a tough decision. So, if I go on Mirapex, will I also have to go on drugs for my hallucinations? And also…freedom from pain, plus seeing things that aren’t really there? This sounds like another “drug” I know of…
And now, the best for last…

Interesting fact about Mirapex 4:

“There have been reports of patients taking…MIRAPEX, that have reported problems with increased sex drive, gambling, and compulsive eating…If you or your family members notice that you are developing unusual behaviors, talk to your doctor.”

Whoa, whoa. Whoa. You had me until you got to “compulsive eating.” And since when did increased sex drive and gambling become “unusual behaviors”?
I guess you’re in trouble in you are on your way to a booty call, a dog track, or a grocery store during the day time, though…you may very well fall asleep in the car.

And now…I present you with the informative Mirapex commercial. It leaves me feeling a little less than Mirapex-tacular. I think I’ll just deal with the RLS.


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