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it was the best. day.

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A week or so back, Kaitie and I ventured to the city for a cousin’s birthday party. Said cousin was turning 8, and the party was at a place that had laser tag. Needless to say, we did not play.

However, that had little to do with the best day ever.

No, the best day ever occurred at a necessary intermittent stop at the local Wal Mart to grab a bite to eat.

We went the Wal Mart deli, which always seems to have, quite possibly, the best food. After purchasing some chicken tenders and potato wedges, we headed over to the snack bar to dine.

Upon sitting down, I told Kaitie that I would take the quarter that I knew I had in my pocket and purchase a Sam’s Choice Diet Cola for us to share. Arriving at the soda machine, I inserted my quarter and was soon disappointed to discover that my change fell all the way down without giving me a chance to make my selection.

Damn it.

I went to the next machine, a Sam’s Choice Water machine. Not quite the same when you’re expecting soda, but it would have to do. If only I had a dime, I though, since the waters were 35 cents compared to the quarter sodas. I shoved my hands down in my pocket and was pleased to discover that I did, in fact, have a dime! Not only that, but I also had a nickel, too!

I put my money in this machine and heard the satisfying clunk of my change landing to rest on the other change inside the machine and pressed one of the 10 buttons to vend my water.

Unfortunately, every single water was sold out.

Damn it.

Dejected, I went to get my change out of this machine. As I collected my coins, I found a most pleasant surprise: someone had left a dime in the machine! With this and the newfound nickel I had in my other pocket, I would be able to buy a real soda for Kaitie and I to share!

I moseyed (is that the correct spelling for the past tense of the word “mosey”? It just doesn’t look right. Anyway. I digress.) over to the name brand soda machine and settled on a Diet Dr Pepper. I hit the vend button, and I held my breath to make sure it would, in fact, vend.

The soda landed with a satisfying thunk. Little did I know, there was another special treat waiting for me.

As I went to retrieve my DDP, I noticed that there was, in fact, not one but TWO (two!) sodas. Someone had – inadvertenly, no doubt – left a Diet Pepsi to sit and wait for some thirsty person like me to come and rescue it.

I practically skipped my way back to Kaitie at the snack bar to tell her my story.

It was the best day.


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