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livin’ time and the summer is easy :)

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I just wanted to thank everyone that has kept me in their thoughts as I have been waiting patiently to hear back about my internship. Almost two weeks ago, I interviewed at The Magazine in The City for an internship that I have been wanting since I was a senior in high school. My entire college career has been working up to this, really.

I started to get a little discouraged, especially when I found out that they were interviewing 10 and only hiring 2.

However, Friday afternoon I received a phone call from KB with The Magazine informing that they would like to offer me a position….!

I’m so so excited, and I really can’t wait to start. But I’d be lying if I were to say that I’m not scared at all about moving to Birmingham or actually doing the work I will be doing or leaving my friends and family at RL in The Great Little Big City.

I’m scared as hell.


That’s one of the best parts, the being scared. It leads way to more excitement and the feeling that I’m taking a huge step towards what I would ultimately like to do.Thanks again to everyone for hoping, praying, thinking, wishing, believing, and wanting this for me just as badly as I did. I love you!


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